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Secure your company, brand or product name and register your own domain name.

Having a domain name ensures the future and the integrity of your brand. These days, it’s literally the first thing you do before starting a new venture, and it’s also the very first thing unscrupulous competitors may do to keep you from success.

Secure a website domain for your business and put yourself on the map. AAT provides a domain checking and purchasing service. A quick search will confirm availability of your preferred website name and domain. We offer both international and localised domains, including .com; .co.za; .org; .org.za; .net; .info; among others.

Benefits of domain:
Our domains are competitively priced and you only pay for what you use. No long term contracts. Free SSL certificate.
The right domain name provides access to customers. We can target desired regions and is a critical component of your search engine.
Quick & Convenient
A quick search reveals the available versions of your preferred domain name. Select the one that suits you and purchase it directly from our site.
More Professional
First impressions count! Unique e-mail addresses that is specific to your business is easier for customers to remember – and more professional.
Popular domain extensions:
  • .co.za - Uniquely South African. Your personal email address will be trusted with the .co.za extension.
  • .com - Old school original, the beginning of the internet. Approximately 135 million .com registrations exist. Claims yours today.
  • .net - Often seen as the next best domain name.
  • .org - For non-profit organizations. A .org domain name will give your operation the legitimacy it deserves.